"Where winning is everything and nothing else matters."
Jack Lengyel, We Are Marshall (2006)

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Check Your Lineup: The latest team news directly alongside your players in your lineup.
Search The Player Hub: Find players in the Player Hub that have been named to start. You can search by position too.
Average Points Per Game (PPG): A brand new statistic in the Player Hub to identify the true value of the player.
Average Points Per Game (PPG) Last 3 Matches: A brand new statistic in the Player Hub to identify the current form of a player. PPG over the last 3 matches.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change or cancel my Manager PRO season pass later on?

Unfortunately at the moment you can't change or cancel your season pass. We will get to allowing this but we prioritised making Manager PRO available.

What are the finer points of Manager PRO?

We have a detailed breakdown of Manager PRO in the How to Play section & some lawyer type bits in the Terms and Conditions.