Fantasy Rugby Draft



  • Where is my Activation Email?

    Please check your junk mail folder of the address you used to sign up. If you don’t see the email in there please email

  • When do I select my team?

    You select players for your team via the draft, either Online or an Offline draft. Check your League home page for the date/time of your draft.

  • Can I play after the season has started?

    Yes. You can create a league or join a league right up until the last Gameweek of the season. The Matchups in the Gameweeks that you miss will all be calculated as ties.

  • Why should I play Fantasy Rugby Draft?

    The unique game features make this the most engaging Fantasy Rugby game out there. The draft is an event you’ll love. Get your mates together and head to the pub to decide who owns Israel Folau for the season. You’ll look back at this moment as your “What did I do with my time before I discovered Fantasy Rugby Draft” moment.

  • What is the difference between and Online and Offline draft?

    For an Online draft, at date/time of your draft, you need to login to the site and go to your league home page to draft your team. For an Offline draft, your league commissioner will organise a time and a place where you draft your team. They will then log each of the picks and upload it to the site following the draft.

  • When is the draft order set for my draft?

    Your draft is open and ready within two hours of the draft date/time. This is when your draft order is set. Its then that you can login and see your draft pick position.

  • How much time do I have for each draft selection?

    For an Online draft you have 90 seconds to make your draft pick. To draft a player, click on their name and click the red draft button at the top right of the screen.

  • How do I set my team after the draft?

    Login and click on your league on the right. Go to the Lineup page. To make a change click the bench button alongside the player you’d like to bench. To start a player click the start button alongside the player. Be very aware of doing this close to the Gameweek lock time as you don’t want to field an incomplete team.

  • How do I add players onto my team?

    Go to the Player Hub page and locate the player you want to Add using the filters to analyse. Click the red Add button alongside the players name. You will be asked to select a player to Cut from your team as you must always have 17 players on your team. Please then review the transaction and confirm or cancel. Be very careful to review the transaction and make sure these are the players you want to Add and Cut as once you confirm the transaction there’s no turning back and the player Cut goes onto waivers for 24 hours.

  • How do I make a trade with another manager?

    Go to the Player Hub page and locate the player you want to try and Trade for using the filters to analyse. Click the red Trade button alongside the players name. You will be asked to select a player to Trade away from your team. Please then review the Trade and confirm or cancel. You can cancel the Trade at any time by going to the Transactions page and locating the Trade you would like to cancel and click the cancel button alongside it.

  • Why can’t I Start/Bench any of my players or accept/reject or propose a Trade?

    The Start/Bench buttons are removed during the Gameweek lock as are the Trade options. These reappear a few hours after the League Table updates. The only other time you have restricted access to your team is during the Waiver Wire processing at 8pm on Tuesday night. These buttons are removed during this process and return once its finished.

  • Why can’t I see an add or trade button alongside a player?

    The Add and Trade buttons aren’t visible when the Waiver Wire is running. They are also hidden if you haven’t made the playoffs and are therefore restricted from making any player movements. Lastly, you can’t trade with an auto-drafted team or with a team that isn’t in the playoffs.

  • How are the playoffs calculated?

    The winner of each conference will advance to the playoffs. The two next best records (regardless of conference) will fill the remaining two wildcard spots, where the semi-final bracket will be highest ranked conference winner v lowest ranked wildcard team and the lowest ranked conference winner v highest ranked wildcard.

  • Do I have to field a complete team each Gameweek?

    No you don’t. Sometimes it might be in your best interest to hold onto an injured player or a player on a bye instead of replacing him and allowing another team to grab them.

  • Why is a player listed in a position he doesn’t play?

    Our data provider, Perform, allocates positions to players. If we have enough information prior to the first draft we may update this initial allocation however for the sake of fairness, each player’s position is decided before the first draft of the season and will not change during the season, regardless of where he may play on a week to week basis. This ensures everybody has the same information when drafting at the start of the tournament and we aren’t moving the goalposts.

  • How do I view my pending Waiver Wire requests?

    Go to the Lineup page and click Pending Waivers.

  • How do I cancel a Waiver Wire request?

    Go to the Lineup page and click Pending Waivers. In this page you can cancel your waiver wire requests or reorder your requests.

  • Can I chat with other managers in my league?

    Yes you can. There are two places you can chat with other managers. In the League Table page and in the Matchup page.

  • Can I trade more than one player to another manager?

    A Trade is only with one player from each team. If you want to perform a multi-player Trade with another manager you will need to do multiple trades. You can do lopsided trades i.e. 2 for 1 player trades. In this situation the manager who is receiving the two players will need to send a second player back that they would have had to cut to make room and fit into the 17 player squad.

  • A scoring play has been missed, what do I do?

    The scoring is the sole responsibility of our data provider, Perform. They score a match in two stages, live as it happens and then a follow up review. This follow up review typically takes around 4-5 hours. If the scoring play is still missing at this point please send an email to support.

  • Where do I find the Fantasy Rugby Draft podcast?

    You can find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud. These are a great source of player news and notes and advice around our FRD team.

  • What happens if my page times out or I can’t click on a link?

    From time to time we have seen problems with peoples cache. If you are having trouble with the site then clear your cache and browsing history and restart your device. If it continues then please contact us.

  • What happens to teams not in the playoffs?

    Teams not in the playoffs don’t have the ability to Add, Cut or Trade players. These teams keep their whole squad too.


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